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Second smallest blogging system in the world

Wuhuu! PHPgangsta started the “Who can code the smallest php blogging system?”-contest on 9th of February and now we have the results: Kim Kortes code, based on mine, is the smallest one, with only 78 bytes. The requirements were the possibility for an authorised author to write posts and a main page displaying the post in a chronological order.

The third smallest blogging system with 138 Bytes was created by Fabian (code), followed by my system with 90 Bytes on the second place and on the first place with incredible 78 Bytes the code of my friend Kim Korte, a modified version of my system.


Of course the systems should not be used in any real life application, because they are neither save nor easy to use. But it was fun to see how you can “push things to the limit”. I think everybody taking part in the contest had a good time and learned something.

I would like to see contests like this again. I was born 1992, so in my coding-“career” I never had trouble with limited disk space, but it is fun to have the “pressure” of limited space again, although it’s just a fake/contest.

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