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Why you should read Daniel Suarez Deamon and Freedom™

It’s a common problem among nerds: You are reading a nice, thrilling story when the author decides to insert some totally unrealistic technical device/program or something else that proves, that he knows how to write interesting stories but has no clue what he is talking about. This is the reason why I was critical at first when I got the book “Deamon” by Daniel Suarez. But I was really surprised how much the author knew about new technical developments in many different areas and how well some issues and hacker tactics were explained for newbies – additionally the story was uber thrilling so you could not stop reading. After Daniels second book “Freedom™”, which continues the story of the “Deamon”, his newest novel “Kill Decision” will be published soon.

In “Deamon” and “Freedom™” Daniel Suarez tells the story of the impact of an distributed network of computer programs interacting with the real world via financial transactions or by manipulating people to execute a big worldwide plan. With a lot of near-future high-tech and interesting descriptions of problems that occur or already occurred in our highly cross-linked and computer based society and economy the book is not only thrilling but also offers some interesting standpoints.

In his newest book the author covers – according to the description – another ongoing interesting topic: Drones. You deal with this topic both from an ethical or technical point of view, so I’m happily looking forward to the 19th of July 2012 when “Kill Decision” will be available.

Why am I writing this? First of all I want to recommend two great books to my readers. The second reason is to support an author that I like (and also to make sure many other books will follow ;) ) and make a statement: The internet people are not as evil as some publishing companies think. ;)

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